Vibra conférence sur l'enneagramme

Connais-toi toi-même et tu connaîtras l’univers et les Dieux.

C’est le plus ancien des trois préceptes qui étaient gravés à l’entrée du temple de Delphes. Déjà depuis des millénaires l’être humain est conscient de l’importance de se connaitre. Pourtant, vous connaissez-vous vraiment? Comprenez-vous pourquoi vous réagissez de telle ou telle autre façon face aux différentes situations. Et si vous compreniez bien mieux cela, seriez-vous à même d’améliorer la qualité de votre vie? D’augmenter votre efficacité? D’être simplement mieux aligner avec votre être.

L’Ennéagramme peut être vu comme une carte des cartes du monde. Il décrit 9 types de vision du monde, de cartes de la réalité, que chacun d’entre nous possède, tout en choisissant inconsciemment d’en privilégier une.

Ces cartes de la réalités, nous les utilisons comme des fenêtres à partir de laquelle nous observons et nous inter-agissons avec le monde.

Chacun des neuf styles (aussi appellés  » bases « ,  » types « ,  » mécanismes « …) identifiés a ses dons, ses limitations, ses façons de penser et d’agir. Chaque style privilégie certaines informations et en laisse d’autres de côté, d’une manière inconsciente, se limitant à une version de la réalité bornée par des œillères.

L’ennéagramme met en lumière ces limites inconscientes qui vont générer des peurs irrationnelles enfouies et une  » compulsion « , une volonté farouche d’éviter à tout prix ce dont on a peur. Cette compulsion va structurer toute la personnalité, tout le rapport aux autres : la manière de se comporter, la manière de communiquer, les attentes, les sources de motivation…

Vous pouvez télécharger ICI un questionnaire qui vous aidera à déterminer votre type et si vous voulez participer à notre prochaine formation vous pouvez vous inscrire en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous

Les Secrets de notre comportement, (et de celui des autres)

2 avril 2017

Eventbrite - Les Secrets de notre comportement, (et de celui des autres)

Si vous voulez revoir la Vibra conférence avec Patrick de Sépibus animée par Gwennoline qui vous donne déjà de nombreuses clefs pour découvrir l'enneagramme



Nous avons aussi créé des ateliers auxquels vous pouvez vous inscrire dès aujourd'hui.


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Découvrez le type 1 de l'enneagramme

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Découvrez le type 2 de l'enneagramme

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Découvrez le type 3 de l'enneagramme

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Cinquième atelier

Découvrez le type 4 de l'enneagramme

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Sixième atelier

Découvrez le type 5 de l'enneagramme

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Septième atelier

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In this video I’m going to show you how to get started setting up your eWallet and purchasing your credit packs.



In this short video I’m going to show you how to get your advertising pack earning you money within your first hour.



In this short video I’m going to show you how to setup your advertising campaign.



Each review listed below was pulled from a real member. The full list of members right now spans over 100,000 people from countries around the world. My Advertising Pays is changing peoples lives all over the world. We hope that by seeing these testimonies you’ll be inspired to get started and share your own testimony as your MAPs business grows..

Today I am excited to say that I have finally got my breakthrough with Click Bank commissions utilizing MAP traffic.I have joined Click Bank affiliates back in 2007 but have never made any sales until I started using MAP.Last Friday I made $210. – Emmanuel Kalunga, CANADA

I have been in many online make money sites and tried to make some money. At last I have found a online business that actually pays. – Christine Pool Flowers, UNITED KINGDOM

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Hi Everyone, Just wanted to give a huge thank you to My Advertising Pays for existing!. MAPs is everything that I could ever have hoped for in an online business. You make money regardless and every 20 minutes Love it Thanks again. Josie – Josie Ngawaka, AUSTRALIA

Bin nun seit knapp fünf Monaten dabei und bin bei $20 pro Tag angekommen,bei 10M inuten. Translation: Am now for almost five months and I arrived at $ 20 per day , at 10 minutes – Willibald Musil, AUSTRIA

MyAdvertisingPays est simplement GÉNIALE je n’aie jamais gagné autant d’argent en si peut de temps sur internet! Une entreprise sérieuse et qui PAIE ses membres sur simple demande…Mon meilleurs à ce jour !! MERCI MyAdvertisingPays. Translation: MyAdvertisingPays is simply AWESOME I have never earned so much money in so may of time on the web! A serious company and PAYS its members on request … My best yet !! MyAdvertisingPays THANKS. – Giancursi Olivier, FRANCE



This is the only business I talk about to new people who never made a dime online. This is by far the perfect way to make a full time income, doing the things you love doing when everybody else is working… If you are skeptical about it, DON’T! – Miguel Adam, CANADA

Thanks Mike Deese created for this opportunity. Indeed, anyone who is 18 years old can do this online business. In everything I’ve gone so far, in my humble experience to date of 3 years in the business, good business’m not encountered until now! – Kaloyan Kolev, BULGARIA

Every SINGLE Person Who Joins Gets Paid Daily. This is the best one upto now period. 100% – Mark Reczek, UNITED STATES

I joined because a work colleague told me her experience and how easy it was for her to sign up. I was pleasantly surprised to find the user agreements so legitimate and well explained. The security features are very important for me. Thank you – Lida Koronewskij, CANADA

I have withdrawn 100 dollars and now have 162 cps. I think I started with 500 dollars. I helped two people get into this program – James , UNITED STATES


MAP is a work of art. thanks Mr. Mike for this great program,for years to come will help the little man play BIG, All you need is a little start up cash mix with a little common sense and any one can make it big with MAP,there is no need for GREED! – Dennis Scott, BELIZE






MAP is great! Not only have I been able to provide a consistent traffic flow to my sites, but I am able to earn a nice residual income as well. – Gregory Roland, UNITED STATES

I Can See My Future Here, System worst and no where close to MAP running more than 7 years from Now. Don’t Worry About MAP, this is the BEST. So CHEERS!!! – bac , INDIA

How long does it take to receive MAP products after purchase?

This depends upon the method you chose to pay for your product. Direct Bank account purchases in some cases are instant, as well as payments made with the Solid Trust Pay option in your eWallet. But there are cases where processing times are extended due to the method you used to process the amount. In all cases, you will receive your product the minute it has Settled in your I-Payout transaction history. If you still haven’t received what you purchased after it has Settled, please send us a support ticket and we will resolve this for you.

I have been using My Advertising Pays, Thank you to Mike Deese to create this fantastic program. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of what it would do for my business. Earning money is easy and every twenty minutes, without fail. – G V R Ravi Kumar, INDIA

I am 3 days into this awesome system. I upgraded early, because it made sense.The amount of business I am getting from MAPS is… Just Fantastic. A MUST Have – Dave Hayes, UNITED KINGDOM

als ich einstieg war ich sehr skeptisch doch jetzt nach 51 tägiger Mitgliedschaft bin ich sowas von begeistert das dieses System doch funktioniert ich war in vielen Networks mit mäßigem erfolg doch dieses System von maps schiest durch die decke danke. Translation: when I got in I was very skeptical but now after 51 days of membership I ‘m so impressed by the this system works but I have been in many networks with moderate success but this system of maps schiest thank the ceiling – Karl Wührer, AUSTRIA

How do I earn money?

Either by participating in our referral program (see referral program below) or through profit-sharing by purchasing one or more Credit Packs. For each one you purchase, you will be qualified for one share-in-profits. For every active Credit Pack you have, you will receive that many shares-in-profit, every 20 minutes. So if you buy two Credit Packs, you will earn two shares-in-profit every 20 minutes, buy 10, you will get 10 shares-in-profit every 20 minutes, etc. until each Credit Pack(s) has earned $60 in return. You must click on 10 ads daily in our Traffic Exchange to qualify for profit-shares that day.

Maps is one truly amazing TOPDOG business. – joe graham, UNITED KINGDOM

I have just started using the free trial version. By doing so, I am just clicking on ads and watching my credits earned. It seems really easy and simple to make money online. – Dogan Sahutoglu , CANADA


I’ll go anywhere as long as it’s forward.

Maps is unique company,i been with them since 1 of May and im so pleased to have all my advertisement with them,for my opportunities to advertise. And also like to thank MAPS for great support and quick withdrawal,only 3 ours since askin withdrawal. – Ingvi Arnar Halldorsson, ICELAND

Thank you to Mike Deese to create this fantastic program. Today its Christmas and i make sales. the Traffic of MAP is Really High Quality, for the first in my life i make a lot of Money in MAP. thank you so much! – Riza, GERMANY

MAPS has been absolutely amazing! It has been the first time I’ve ever made any money online. Don’t hesitate signing up! – Dave Hayes, UNITED KINGDOM

Wer hat schon genug Rente? Diese GENIALE Plattform trägt dazu bei, Deine Rente zu Verbessern! Es gibt da einen Spruch! Translation: Who has enough pension? This INGENIOUS platform helps to improve your pension! There’s a saying! – Werner, SWITZERLAND


Every boss started as a worker.

What is (M.A.P.)?

We are a $0 debt company and a profitable revenue distribution advertising platform that shares its profits every 20 minutes with all members whom have purchased a Credit Pack and clicked on 10 sites in the M.A.P Traffic Exchange. M.A.P. is an acronym that stands for My Advertising Pays.


Help! I can’t access my account!

#1 Solution – If you suspect someone has gained unauthorized access to your account send a support ticket in ASAP with the subject line “Unauthorized Access” and we will temporarily lock your account until we work out a solution.

#2 Solution – If you have the IP address security feature enabled and are trying to access your account from a different computer, then check your email for a validation email. The system sends one out automatically when an attempt is made to access your account from a different IP address.

#3 Solution – If none of the above steps work for you, send us a support ticket with a detailed account of your log in problem.

How secure is M.A.P.?

From our inception, security has been a top priority. Our servers back up data at every 20 minute cycle. We have a 2048 bit Secured Socket Layer certificate that encrypts all data on M.A.P. to include your personal information. We have many back end mechanisms to prevent fraud. We provide IP address protection. You can rest assured we take security very seriously and as long as you use the features we provide, you’re account is secure.

Here are some useful tips that will increase the level of security for your account:

  • Save your primary & secondary passwords, along with your PIN number in a document on your personal computer and copy/paste them into the site when prompted for them, instead of typing them in. This will prevent malware called Key Loggers from being able to record your key strokes.
  • Always use anti-virus protection on your computer and keep it up-to-date.
  • Use different passwords for your M.A.P. account and the email account associated with it.
  • Use a different password for your I-Payout account than you use for M.A.P.

I received a suspicious email that appears to have come from M.A.P. and its asking me to input my password/other info and/or asking me to download something.

We will never ask you to download anything via email, or tell you its necessary that you log in to verify anything. If you are in doubt, delete the email and type directly into your browser before entering in sensitive details.

How long does it take to receive MAP products after purchase?

This depends upon the method you chose to pay for your product. Direct Bank account purchases in some cases are instant, as well as payments made with the Solid Trust Pay option in your eWallet. But there are cases where processing times are extended due to the method you used to process the amount. In all cases, you will receive your product the minute it has Settled in your I-Payout transaction history. If you still haven’t received what you purchased after it has settled, please send us a support ticket and we will resolve this for you.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. You can earn up to an automatic 10% commission on the purchase price of any advertising product one of your referrals purchase (specific details are in your back office under Referral Program Details). All you have to do is introduce others to M.A.P. by using our excellent free tools found under the Promotion Center heading in the left column of your back office. Money earned will be instantly deposited into your Available Account Balance upon the purchase of a product made by one of your referrals. Repeated sales earn commissions too. Do the work once and get paid over and over again! Go to the ‘About’ and click on ‘Membership Plan’ to view full description.

How long does it take for a Credit Pack to cap out at $60?

This depends on many variables, in short, there’s no way to put a time frame on it. By law, we are not allowed to guarantee profits or a time frame.

What is the exact distribution of revenue via profit-sharing?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on a series of mathematical formulas that vary based on many different data points. Profit-share earnings are variable and are not guaranteed.

What payment processors do you accept?

All pay-outs are processed through VX Gateway or Solid Trust Pay. Purchases can be made through VX Gateway or Solid Trust Pay as well. If you do not already have an account with VX or STP, you can join by either making a purchase through the Buy Credit Packs link in your dashboard, or you can login and click on the eWallet Signup found in the left column menu of your members area.


On which products do you accept Credit Cards?

All products site-wide can be purchased with a Credit/Debit card through VX Gateway.

I just purchased one or more Credit Packs and I am seeing little to no profit share earnings in my account!

First of all make sure you have clicked 10 ads within the Traffic Exchange. Second, if you just made your purchase today, your profit-share earnings should increase the following day after 12PM Eastern. Thirdly, make sure your are either in your 30-day free trial period OR have at least Basic membership after the free-trial. Lastly, many factors are taken into account, which determines the payout schedule, which vary’s daily. Unless you are not earning anything (and have checked for the above), then everything is running normally.

Do I have to buy a Credit Pack to earn?

Absolutely not! You can choose to just participate in our referral program and enjoy referral commissions by helping other people earn with us.

Are there any limits on withdrawals for free/paid members?

You must have at least $10 in your Available Account Balance for withdrawal. Withdrawal to STP is limited to $500 per week, per member. Withdrawal to VX Gateway is limited to $9,900 per day, per member.

Does M.A.P. have a reserve fund?

Yes! Aside from the initial reserve fund provided by the Company, a portion of all incoming funds are re-directed to a reserve fund ensuring level payouts continue over the long-term.

How does M.A.P. plan to sustain and ensure its growth and expansion?

First of all, with the way we are set up, we do not have to largely depend on new sign-ups to maintain payouts. This is because the rate in which our business must grow is drastically reduced because of our payout structure. We pay referral commissions instantly so this is the fastest way to increase ones earnings. With profit-sharing, we provide a smooth and steady way to increase your earnings over time and as such, the sales of our wide range of advertising products immensely helps fill the profit gap between Credit Pack purchase price and the profit you receive on top is directed to a reserve fund ensuring level payouts continue over the long-term.



How does M.A.P. plan to sustain and ensure its growth and expansion?

You may withdraw any money in your Available Account Balance, or make purchases with it. The money shown for Lifetime Combined Earnings is the combined (referral and profit shared) amount of money earned since you opened your M.A.P. account.

What’s the difference between Lifetime Combined Earnings and your Available Account Balance?

You may withdraw any money in your Available Account Balance, or make purchases with it. The money shown for Lifetime Combined Earnings is the combined (referral and profit shared) amount of money earned since you opened your M.A.P. account.

What is my Available Advertising Fund and why can’t I withdraw it?

5% of all of your earnings are deducted automatically (including referral commissions) and placed into your Available Advertising Fund. This money can be used for the purchase of anything on the site, including Vacation Time or Auto-Repurchase, with the exception of Credit Packs. The purpose of this feature is meant to help lower advertiser’s marketing costs and stimulate the purchase of products which ensures a steady flow of revenue, the promoters of our services continuing referral commissions, and the expansion of

I purchased Credit Packs but I don’t see my Credit Packs/can’t begin my advertising campaigns, what’s going on?

To prevent fraud, all large purchases have to be manually verified by staff. If you made the purchase with your Available Advertising Fund or Available Account Balance, your transaction will be approved within 24 hours. If you used I-PayOut for the purchase, your transaction will be approved as soon as we have received the payment. Depending on the method in which you chose to make the purchase, this can take anywhere from several hours to several days. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. Rest assured we will process your purchase as soon as we can! You can view the status of your transaction by clicking on Transactions Pending under the Everything Financial menu in your back office.

Where are my referral commissions?

Your referral commissions are automatically added to your Available Account Balance as you earn them. You can get exact details of your Referral commission earnings by clicking on Referral Commission History in the left column under the Everything Financial section of your back office.

I don’t have a business to advertise, can I still make money with M.A.P.?

YES! We are set up to share real advertising profits to everyday folk and businesses. To get started right away, log in and buy a Credit Pack for $49.99. Then click on 10 ads daily in the Traffic Exchange and you will begin earning immediately every 20 minutes until you have received $60 in return. While you are clicking ads in the Traffic Exchange, keep an eye out for something you can align yourself with and join one of our members opportunities. You can then use your Credits to advertise that opportunity for yourself and potentially make even more money! Don’t have time for another business? Use your credits to advertise your favorite charity!

Are there any limits to Credit Pack purchases?

Yes. We have what we refer to as”safe limits.” During our development, we tested many different numbers in relation to a maximum limit of Credit Packs that would be sustainable for our Company to pay out profits on versus how much probable revenue our Company would be receiving. The numbers you see in the different Membership Levels is what we deemed to be safe and profitable for everyone.


Does any of the other products you sell other than Credit Packs qualify for a share and profits?

No. Only Credit Packs will qualify you for a share-in-profits. However, each and every product purchased on our site adds funds to the ‘honey pot’ that will be distributed to qualified members.

Do I have to click Ads to earn?

Yes. You must click on 10 ads daily to earn shares-in-profit. Vacation time is available for purchase in your members back office if you will be unavailable to do so.

Do I have to click Ads to earn referral commissions?

No. You will still continue to earn referral commissions uninterrupted regardless if you click Ads or not.

Can I buy a Credit Pack with my Referral earnings?

Yes! Your referral earnings are yours to do with as you please. You can purchase a Credit Pack, buy advertising, vacation time, auto-repurchase or withdraw them ($10 minimum withdrawal).

Is this an international opportunity?

Yes! Anyone from any country with internet access can join M.A.P.

How do I get paid?

You can request withdrawal to your eWallet anytime you have $10 or more in your Available Account Balance, Monday through Friday. Just click on the Withdraw link under your Available Account Balance on your dashboard.

When are payments made?

M.A.P pays several times daily, Monday through Friday. Withdrawal will be disabled Saturday and Sunday.

What is the response time of your support?

Support is a big deal to My Advertising Pays. You should always receive a response within 24 hours and most likely much faster than that. However please note that during high volume periods and/or weekends our response time may be slower.

I have made a withdrawal request and haven’t received my payments yet?

Payments are processed several times per day. However from time to time MAP will go through an audit of members accounts and during these periods there may be short delays. Regardless, you should always receive your payment within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Why don’t you accept PayPal?

Paypal has a bad habit of freezing or limiting members accounts for little or no reason at all. We are not willing to put members funds at risk of being frozen for any reason.

Can I have more than one account?

Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you are found to be collecting referral commissions on your own purchases, your membership will be terminated.

What is Pay it Forward?

This is a feature where you can buy a Credit Pack for someone else using money in either your Available Account Balance, or with money you have in your eWallet account. Sometimes, someone may need to see it work for themselves before they become engaged. That’s exactly what this feature is designed to do! It’s also a great gift idea.

Will I earn commissions when I ‘Pay it Forward’?

No, referral commissions will not be earned when you Pay it Forward. Referral comissions are meant to reward someone for promoting our services, and if you pay it forward you are not actually making a sale, but are instead just buying services for someone else. However, if you pay it forward for someone and they start making purchases themselves, you will earn referral commissions.

Can I change my sponsor?

Unfortunately no. Once your account has been created, your sponsor can not be changed by us or you. To receive all the benefits of working with MAPs Mentor (exclusive tools and training) please double check your “Sponsor” name before registering. Click the “Join Now” button at the bottom of this page to sign up.

Can I buy advertising for someone else using ‘Pay it Forward’?

No, ‘Pay it Forward’ can only be used to purchase Credit Packs for someone else.

Can I use my Available Advertising Fund to ‘Pay it Forward’?

No, you can only use your Available Account Balance, or funds from your eWallet to Pay it Forward.

My earnings seem to be variable (earning more one day than other days), why is that?

Payouts depend on the volume of sales. At times, volume will be higher than others, so ones earnings will vary accordingly.

Can I click on more than 10 ads a day?

Yes. In fact, you will receive a random number of credits for every site you visit in the Traffic Exchange that you can in turn use for the advertisements of your own text ads!

Why am I no longer earning on my Credit Packs!?

Each Credit Pack you purchase will earn until its received $60 in return ($57 to your Available Account Balance and $3 to your Available Advertising Fund). Please check to see if your Credit Pack(s) has already returned $60 to you. If so, it is not qualified to earn past that point. You may purchase another Credit Pack to begin earning on that purchase. If that is not the case, make sure you have clicked on 10 text ads in the Traffic Exchange within the last 24 hours. And lastly, if your 30-day free trial period has expired, profit-share earnings will cease until you upgrade to at least Basic Membership.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I make with M.A.P.?

American participants will receive 1099’s from our eWallet systems. Each individual is responsible for reporting their own taxes according to the laws of the land in which they live. Please consult a tax professional for specific advice regarding your individual tax situation.

What are Credits used for?

Credits are used to advertise a text ad that you create in our Traffic Exchange. One Credit = One impression of that text ad.





What is a Credit Booster?

Credit Booster’s function is that it ‘boosts’ normal credits when clicked. For example, you have a text ad with 400 Regular Credits assigned to it. Then you assign 100 Credit Boosters to the same ad. This means that the next 100 times that particular ad is clicked, your site will show to the surfer for 30 seconds instead of 10, giving you the MAXIMUM amount of exposure in our Traffic Exchange! It is possible to run out of normal credits and have Booster credits remaining (if your ad didn’t get clicked 100 times). In this case, you will have to either surf our Traffic Exchange to earn credits, or purchase a Credit Pack to apply the remaining Booster to.

Can I pause my advertising campaigns?

Yes! Click on ‘Manage Campaigns’ under the Advertising Center section found in the left column within your members back office. From there you can pause, resume, delete, or add credits to your campaigns. Please note that Static Banner purchases can not be paused.

Can I advertise anything on MAP?

It is our intention to provide a safe advertising/consumer network for our members. As such, the following types of advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited; High Yield Investment Program’s or any other illegal investment schemes as defined by United States law. Illegal Pyramid Schemes as defined by United States law. Material Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Discriminatory Practices Hate / Violence Sites Pharmaceutical Sales Illegal Downloads/Warez Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites, Gambling, Scams of any sort, or misleading/false advertising. For full terms regarding advertising on M.A.P., please see Advertisements in our Terms and Conditions.


Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself.


What happens if I don’t click 10 text ads by the time the timer in my back office runs out?

You will stop receiving shares-in-profit until you click on 10 text ads. If you anticipate a period coming up where you will be unable to click the required 10 text ads, you may purchase Vacation time in your members back office to avoid a lapse in earnings during the time you will be away.

“Once you reach 1,200 packs I recommend setting your account to vacation mode so that you can earn on the My Advertising Network completely hands-free.”


What is vacation mode and how does it work?

With vacation mode, you can purchase a period of time in which you are not required to click on 10 text ads per day. You can purchase up to 30 days of vacation at a time and you will still earn shares-in-profit every 20 minutes for your chosen number of days without having to click 10 ads daily during that period. Vacation time will start immediately upon your successful purchase.

What is auto-repurchase and how does it work?

When auto-repurchase is active, every time your Available Account Balance accumulates $49.99 the system will automatically purchase a Credit Pack for you. $.75 is the charge per $49.99 Credit Pack purchased and you can choose to pay this fee with either your Available Account Balance or your Available Advertising Fund.

So what is your motivation for joining the My Advertising Pays network? Are you looking for time freedom, financial freedom, an executive lifestyle? Whatever your motivation is the goals you have can be achieved with My Advertising Pays. Simply stick to a simple daily routine to maximize your active number of credit packs.

This is the only program you will ever find that allows everyone to earn every 20 minutes every single day! Complete success in My Advertising Pays is simply a matter of buying credit packs and viewing ads. As your MAPs business grows your dreams will become a reality, all simply by clicking on 10 ads each day.





What are the odds that you will come across another offer like this? Not very likely that anyone would walk up to you on the street and offer to pay you 72 times a day just for looking at 10 ads, you will never get an offer like this… you’re getting paid 72 times a day for simply looking at 10 ads takes only 5 minutes! 






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Pourquoi les écoles de langues ne veulent pas que vous participiez

Do you speak English? - C'est peut-être enfin le moment de vous y mettre

Les écoles de langues ont peur que vous participiez. Tim Ferris, en utilisant une méthode similaire a appris en 4 jours ce qu'une école classique aujourd'hui vous permettra d'apprendre en de nombreux mois. Avez-vous du temps à perdre, et de l'argent... Non vous voulez prendre et utiliser les meilleures techniques d'apprentissage pour apprendre facilement et rapidement une langue.

L'été passé, j'ai fais connaissance avec une personne exceptionnelle. Cette personne, une légende dans son pays a réussi en un temps record à apprendre l'anglais. Mais vous, où en êtes-vous? Malgré tous vos efforts lorsque vous étiez à l’école, vous n'avez rien retenu de vos cours d'anglais, et baragouinez tant bien que mal trois mots dans la langue de Shakespeare?

  • Vous n'avez pas le don des langues?
  • Vous en avez marre des méthodes longues et difficiles?
  • Vous avez peu de temps libre pour apprendre?
  • Et apprendre à parler anglais vous fait peur?

C'est entre autre dû au fait que pendant notre plus grande période d’apprentissage en temps qu’enfant, nous avons souffert de méthodes archaïques qui ne nous aidaient pas à apprendre de la bonne façon. Combien d’entre nous on suivie de nombreuses heures de cours pour en ressortir sans quasiment rien retenir et savoir. Nous nous sommes écrasé sur certaines des barrières et croyances liées à l’apprentissage comme par exemple:

  • L’apprentissage d’une langue prend de 3 à 12 ans
  • Les techniques d’apprentissage sont longues et fastidieuses
  • Par les méthodes classique vous pouvez oubliez le lendemain jusqu’à 80% de l’information reçue.

A cause de ces raisons et d’autres, l’apprentissage de la façon dont vous avez essayé jusqu'à présent semble prendre une éternité. Comment pouvez-vous vous satisfaire de cela? Au cours de cette longue lutte, vous commencez à sentir la déception, vous commencez à vous culpabilisez et perdre confiance en vos capacités. Vous pouvez même être accusé de ne pas porter assez d’attention au cours et peut-être que tout simplement on vous a finalement fais ressentir que l’apprentissage des langues n’étaient pas pour vous.

Ces sentiments sont des réactions typiques à l’apprentissage d’une langue avec une méthode classique.

Est-ce que cela peut-être différent?

Imaginez maintenant que dès votre premier jour vous commencez réellement à parler anglais, bien avant, vous aviez peur d’ouvrir votre bouche. Imaginez encore que le deuxième jour votre professeur logiquement et clairement vous explique en termes simples tous les éléments essentiels de la grammaire anglaise et surtout que vous compreniez et puissiez appliquer ceci facilement.

Comment feriez-vous si toutes les tâches d’apprentissages que vous deviez faire étaient amusantes, intéressantes et sans possibilité de vous sentir gêné ou d’avoir une sensation d’échec; que de la réussite ? Et si, en sus de tout ça, vous appreniez des moyens simples pour améliorer vos compétences en langues par vous-même, sans avoir à perdre davantage de temps en cours?

Vous voulez enfin apprendre à parler, lire et écrire l’anglais une fois pour toutes?

Cela peut sembler incroyable, mais c’est vrai. Vous pouvez et voici donc quelques-uns des nombreux avantages dont vous jouirez à savoir parler l’anglais parfaitement

  • Votre curriculum vitae devient beaucoup plus attractif
  • Vous êtes en position de force pour négocier une augmentation
  • Vous donnez le sentiment à vos interlocuteurs d'être plus intelligent
  • Vous avez ce petit accent sexy qui fait tant d'effet sur les anglophones

  • Vous voyagez beaucoup plus si vous le souhaitez, même aux frais de votre patron
  • Vous vous sentez plus a l’aise dans vos voyages car pourrez communiquer avec bien plus de personnes.

Algirdas Karalius, expert en ergonomie de la connaissance et en apprentissage accéléré à mis en place une méthode révolutionnaire qui est un condensé des dernières recherches sur le fonctionnement de notre cerveau. Il a aussi été influencé par les méthodes utilisées par les services spéciaux russes et américains pour préparer l’élite de l’espionnage. Des erreurs dans ce domaine pouvaient coûter des vies, alors uniquement les meilleures méthodes et les plus efficaces étaient utilisées (et le sont toujours d’ailleurs). Algardius Karalius développeur de la méthode vous emmènera sur les chemin de l’apprentissage accéléré et vous démontrera que vous êtes capable de maitriser une langue à une vitesse qui vous semblait jusqu’alors réservé qu’aux personnes exceptionnelles. Ses recherches regroupent les travaux de:

  • Georgi Lozanov: père de l’apprentissage accéléré
  • Dominic O’Brien: 8 fois champion du monde de mémoire
  • Tony Buzan: père du Mind Mapping
  • Bodo Schäper: Auteur «L’Alchimie Mentale»
  • Ramon Campayo: 7 fois champion du monde de lecture rapide

En utilisant une méthode similaire a celle développée par Algirdas Karalius, ma fille de 9 ans à réussi à apprendre facilement ses tables de multiplication en deux jours.


  • Nous apprenons mieux en nous amusant
  • La partie consciente de notre cerveau ne peut traiter que 7 à 12 pièces d’informations en même temps
  • Notre subconscient (superconscient) lui traite des millions d’informations en même temps

Il est donc plus facile d’utiliser (à l’instar de ce que nous avons appris à l’école) notre partie subconsciente pour apprendre quelque chose et surtout stocker l’information à ce niveau directement. C’est donc en utilisant des méthodes de synchronisation de nos lobes cérébraux et des techniques d’apprentissages réveillant notre subconscient que vous allez apprendre et découvrir en un week-end:

  • Les mythes et vérités sur l’apprentissage des langues étrangères.
  • Les enfants apprennent-ils vraiment plus vite que les adultes?
  • Pouvez-vous vraiment apprendre 100 mots en une heure et vous rappeler de ceux-ci pour toute votre vie?
  • Comment apprendre beaucoup de nouveaux mots nouveaux en utilisant le système de répétition en 5 étapes.
  • Comment apprendre la grammaire anglaise rapidement et facilement.
  • Qu’il est vraiment possible d'apprendre toute règle de grammaire anglaise en une minute?
  • Comment pouvez-vous facilement apprendre les règles de grammaire anglaise et les exceptions?
  • Comment pouvez-vous rapidement apprendre à lire, écrire et prononcer les mots correctement?
  • Et vous apprendrez les secrets de Dominic O’Brien 8 fois champion du monde de mémoire et de Ramón Campayo 7 fois champion du monde de lecture rapide.

Vous allez aussi apprendre toutes les règles nécessaires et être en mesure de commencer à les utiliser le jour même :

  • L’utilisation du singulier et du pluriel,
  • Verbes, actifs et passifs,
  • Adjectifs, comparatifs et formes superlatives,
  • Utilisation des articles,
  • Description des choses dans l’espace et le temps
  • La structure de phrase
  • Les quatre types d'actions (faits, processus, résultats, résultats procédurales),
  • et nombreux autres de règles de grammaire

Et ce n’est pas tout!

  • Vous saurez comment rapidement apprendre les verbes irréguliers.
  • Déjà après la première journée du séminaire vous parlera sans arrêt pendant une heure avec vos collègues sur divers sujets, en utilisant le principe unique « Tarzan ».
  • Vous allez apprendre à rapidement et facilement retenir de nouveaux mots.
  • Vous apprendrez le système de répétition en 5 étape, ce qui vous permettra de faire stocker ce que vous venez d’apprendre directement dans votre mémoire à long terme.
  • Par des exercices pratiques vous maîtriserez l’algorithme de pensée des anglophones. (Vous comprendrez comment penser comme un étranger, ce qui vous aidera à comprendre que la grammaire anglaise est en fait assez simple).
  • Vous surmonterez tout complexes que vous pourriez avoir de parler.
  • Vous vous rendrez enfin compte qu'apprendre une langue étrangère peut être une expérience agréable.
  • Vous apprendrez les secrets de la motivation personnelle, ce qui permettra de maintenir votre intérêt pour les langues étrangères.
  • Vous oublierez comment fonctionnent les méthodes traditionnelles d’apprentissage, pour vous permettre d’acquérir toutes les compétences nécessaires pour améliorer vos compétences linguistiques par vous-même.

Car en effet, j'ai réussi à persuader Algirdas Karalius de venir en juillet prochain dans notre région et je peut donc vous proposer cet atelier d'apprentissage exceptionnel.

IMPORTANT! La méthode convient à tout le monde, pour les personnes de 12 ans et plus!! quelque soit votre niveau 

Vous avez toujours des doutes?

Je sais, vous ne croyez pas aux miracles et pensez que vous ne réussissez pas à apprendre 100 mots en une heure et qu’il y aura d’autres problèmes. Je ne crois pas aux miracles non plus. Toutefois, si vous voulez apprendre l'anglais, vous pouvez. Parce cette méthode unique a été développée de telle sorte qu’il n’y ai pas de POSSIBILITE d’échouer.

je vous offre € 400.- pour toute inscription aujourd'hui en suivant ce lien:

Eventbrite - Apprendre l'Anglais en deux jours